- Forex Signals Service Smart CSEA  Welcome to the New SmartFX Trading system – Powerful Manual/Automated Day trading system which makes good use of a complex algorithm and consists of some of the best and most reliable trading strategies and indicators we have ever used


We have created a system like no other – Currency strength trading combined with a sophisticated probability meter while making use of  our precision entry systems to maintain draw down and profit on your trading account



We have had our best programmers working tirelessly for many months building this algorithm which contains over 3500 lines of code. Many versions have been tried and tested to ensure the operation of the system runs smoothly and with no bugs or errors in the strategy or trade management.

Trading Global markets is essential to maintaining a good equity curve on your account. This software can be used during all trading sessions or it can be used on specific trading sessions if you require this as part of your own personalised trading plan both as manual and fully automated day trading