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May 10, 2017
07/062017 – Updated Signals – 08:21 GMT+1
June 7, 2017
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Forex Trading Plan, Tuesday 6-6-2017, 16:10 GMT

These are the trading plans for the month of June 2017. Trading plans are listed here with the most recent one on top.


Today in forex trading the GBP was weak. The GBP/NZD sold off and is at one strong support level, we would scale out lots or exit here. The JPY was strong in the Asian session and the USD/JPY also dropped. This pair continued lower into the main session on the D1 time frame trend. This pair has strong support starting at 109.00 and below.

News drivers for the upcoming Asian session from the AUD can be found on the news calendars.


GBP/JPY – strong downtrend could reform below 141.80, set a price alert here for a sell, no nearby support below there.

NZD/USD – strong uptrend could be forming, set buy alarm at 0.7150, some resistance is at 0.7200 but overall potential is the 0.7300 area on the W1 time frame.


Market Notes:  The overall market has many pairs inside of smaller ranges of 125 pips or less on the smaller time frames, be careful when trading most pairs until we see better trends on the higher time frames.


One strong news driver is pending in a couple of hours from the AUD.


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